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Search Engine Optimization- 5 tips

SEO, What Is it and how to do it right
Here are 5 ways to make your website seen on the search engine.


“If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

This proverb coincides perfectly with SEO marketing. If you’ve posted content on the internet but no one is clicking on it, it makes no difference. The objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve your contents position in the search engine results. There are several ways to optimize aspects of the website to create a successful SEO. Here are 5 Tips and to consider when creating a website.

1.Keyword Research

The objective of keyword research is to find targeted keyword phrases that have a high search volume and low competition mix while accurately describing your content. Keyword Research begins with brainstorming, using a keyword research tool such as google adwords, refining your list with keyword phrases from an analysis tool s, verifying keyword relevance, and analyzing the search volume and competition. From here you can determine what keywords work to optimize your search engine results.

2.Technical Optimization

Search engines rely on algorithms to determine whether the website content is appropriate or not. These algorithms, also called crawlers, have become much more comprehensive when reading your websites text and code. If these codes are not technically perfect the crawler might find it difficult to translate the code, and your website could rank low, or not at all in the search engine results page.

URL structure
Keep URLS under 100 characters long, and use dashes instead of underscores. This avoids having special characters in your URL.

Title Tags
A title tag defines the title of the document, and should include a concise description of the content on the page. Every title page should have a title no more than 75 characters and include basic keywords.  Title tags are important for SEO as well as social sharing, as they are frequently used on SERP’s (Search engine results pages) as a preview.

Meta Description Tags
While meta description tags are not important for search engine rankings, They are  important in gaining user click-through from SERPs. It allows users to know if the site contains exactly what they are looking for. A meta-tag should be unique and have direct relevance for every page using keywords intelligently and up to 2 sentences.

Duplicate Content
Duplicate content is content that shows up on the internet more than once. Search engines find it difficult to identify which one is the most relevant, since search engines don’t typically post duplicates for user experience they are forced to choose one page. The repercussions of duplicate content include traffic losses, ranking losses, and less relevant results from search engines.

Using tags in your media images is important so the reader can understand it. Using keywords for the file name for photos rather than numbers or letters is also useful.


The usability of the website includes the overall appeal, navigation, information architecture, and content quality.  Create easy and simple paths for users will increase the level of usability. The navigational structure contributes widely to the website effectiveness for the customer which will improve the customer experience.

4.Content Marketing

Blogs-  Use keywords in your articles. List out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Use these words, and related expressions when writing your posts.

5.Social Media Strategy
Before you start up your social media outreach you should setup goals, understand audience, select social media channels, connect with influencers, and make a social media posting plan.   it’s important to have a consistent presence no matter what social media channel you are using. Your online personality that you deliver, including your logo, voice and emotion should remain consistent wherever fans find you.



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