Digital Marketing

Ready, Set, Blog!

Have you wanted to start a blog but simply don’t know where to begin?
Stop puttering, and lets begin, after all taking the first step is all about taking the first step.

1. What is blogging ?

Blogging is a medium of expression to share one’s thoughts, feelings, interests and experiences. In the digital reality of today, blogs are being used by business to boost their digital presence and increase their bottom line. The exciting thing about blogging, like “retweets” on twitter or “likes” on facebook, is the opportunity to attract people from all over the world who can comment and share YOUR content. It seems fairly far-fetched, and perhaps a bit of an ego boost to be recognized for your interests.

2. Why start blogging? Because were generation Y, also called the millennials, or generation jobless.

We’ve seen it all over  social media blogs and websites, the ongoing discussions surrounding the  pros and cons of our generation. We can’t get jobs, we’re lazy, we  feel entitled,  and the list goes on.  Well it’s time to wake up and smell the roses because  we actually do hold an advantage against our bosses (a.k.a the Gen X crowd.) There is a generational gap  caused by technology, where we have the rivaling advantage of a skill which is sewn into our blood like second nature. Not to say that Gen X cant do the job,  but we’ve grown up searching, hacking,  downloading,  posting, and communicating on our laptops, phones, and ipads for years and our multi-tasking skills are impressive. If there is something we  don’t know how to do, give us 5 minutes and we will get back to you with an answer. The  undeniable truth is, you have the skills to market yourself over the internet which could land you a job. Job hunters are searching for raw talent and the likelihood of you being scouted online for a job is a common reality of today.






3. Make a blog, do it intentionally, and do it right the first time.

First of all you’re blog should not be a reflection of your facebook profile. I  will reiterate myself. Do not post rubbish on the internet.  Pick  a theme,  create a business plan , set a tone, and fire away. Setting goals, and being organized  will deter your pathway of frustration and perhaps failure. Socialmediaexaminer has provided helpful step-by-step tips on creating a blogging business plan. It is unlikely that any successful businesses made it without one of these,  and you are your own business so these steps are helpful and will guide you to doing it right the first time because lets face it, who likes double work? #GenY






4. Your blog can reflect you, make it fun!

Choose topics that are interesting to you. If you are not passionate about something it is unlikely that you will excel in it. Write about topics that make your heart sing, because when you are  passionate about something you will naturally work harder and produce higher quality work. The truth is , if you love what you  do, you will never work a day in your life.

Happy Blogging !


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