Digital Marketing

Personal Branding 101

Time to take off our shoes and sit in front of the computer for a couple hours for a “Basic Introduction” of personal branding 101.

Were in the realm of social media; your professors, colleagues, mates and everyone in between is buzzing about your “online brand” and “how are you going to set yourself apart from competition.” Okay so we get it, it’s a competitive market out there and everyone has earned there thousand dollar pieces of paper in what we call education. Now we are talking about application. Employers want proof of your skills, and they want to see how YOU will make a difference.

Here’s a starting point.

  1. Create your own company profile.

If you’ve ever bought anything in your life you know that companies have Mission, Vision, Values, Goals etc., You are the company that is written on your birth certificate. We all have assets, liabilities, debt and all that other fancy finance terms we can use to apply to our lives. Does anyone else want to get their ROI on school education?
Define who you are, what you stand for and what, and what makes you great?

Personal Brand


  1. Connect

Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Instagram. Getting on board is the first step and promoting (reach) is the second step. Learning how to use a proper #hashtag, engage in conversations, creating an appealing and effective wordpress blog, using keywords, optimize your SEO, and post things that correlate with your personal brand. These are a few key ideas that can go a long way.



  1. Communicate “Yes I have a twitter account, but I don’t use it”

I find this the case for many people who are new to exploring social media, myself included. Take some time and think back to your company profile and it will start to come easy. Your posts need to be intentional, and on brand. if you are looking to promote yourself you should be posting things that support your future goals and objectives and who knows the law of attraction could play a role in your next career. After you get comfortable with the content you are promoting you want to make an influence.  A Klout score is a great tool that determines how much buzz you are actually creating. A Klout score is a number between 1-100 used to measure your influence.

“The scores are calculated using variables that can include number of followers, frequency of updates, the Klout scores of your friends and followers, and the number of likes, retweets, and shares that your updates receive. “-Seth Stevenson 


Happy Posting !



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