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Pinterest…. and 8 hours later

There is a social media website that can speed up time. (Or so it feels) It makes hours feel like minutes, freezing your eyes wide sending your mind into a weird trance that you cant quite explain. The only mobile capability you have besides shifting eyes is your index finger to “scroll” or “tap.” Since we knew I was talking about Pinterest before you started reading this, I can only admire you if you have no idea what I am talking about. If you don’t know what I am talking about it is because you do not represent the companies niche market. However, being one of the top social media sites, Pinterest could be a beneficial resource for your business, so why don’t we take a few minutes and get clear on how and why this social media website is apart of todays social media army.


Pintrest , an online social media website allows you to get lost in your obsessions through clicking images on the computer screen.. Stop. Re-read the last sentence.. And continue. Thinking about re-decorating your house? Buying a car you can’t afford? Would you like to create your dream wedding, the closet you wish you had, or travel across the world? With a good enough imagination you can do all of these things sitting behind your computer screen creating online collages “boards” and pinning the pictures all at your fingertips. Recently pinterest has launched a new “gifts” feed allowing customers to purchase items for themselves and gifts for others.

Pinterest Fail

For those of us who aren’t using Pinterest to waste countless hours, someone on the other end is using Pinterest as a successful business tool targeting consumers, hacking into their souls and getting rich. So for all you want-to-be tech savvy business owners here’s how it’s going to work. First step is to take the hours you would have previously spent pinning, and start growing your business and getting out there!

Start with the basics and work on building your business profile on Pinterest. Copy Blogger gives us a great step by step checklist and overview for beginners, intermediates, and black belt Pinteresters. Remember to have an intention behind what you are posting on social media. Is what you are sharing, staying on brand?
Example: You wouldn’t see a double chocolate chip muffin pinned on a board that is promoting fitness/nutrition or weight loss unless you followed it up with a post like this.


Social Razer put together an article titled “Pinterest Tools: 8 Tools to Make Your Life More Pinteresting” Helping business gain the most from pinterest.

“These Pinterest tools will help you schedule content, analyze results, run competitions and much more.”-Social Razer

Once your on your way to becoming a black-belt Pintrester, these steps will help you track your effectiveness on Pinterest and tweak accordingly.

Lastly, if you’re ever lacking confidence on your Pintrest journey just type in “motivational quotes” on the Pinterest search engine, they will be glad to help.

Ability, Motivation, Attitude


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