A reality check. How you are showing up on the internet?

You might feel as though you are a small fish in a big sea, and you can easily slip between the cracks and go un-noticed. However, don’t be fooled. If you feel this way it is only because you have made many choices that have left you in the shadows, or cracks. Social media has created a world that allows even the smallest fish to be heard, even if you’re swimming in the Pacific. We live in a world of social media which has provided endless means for people to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and knowledge. This is called “communication.”

Take a moment to think about how YOU perceive people through social media. Or ask yourself the question, what is your personal brand? Facebook, twitter and youtube has allowed you to explore deep into another person’s life without having any direct form of contact or communication with them. Can we all relate to the term “facebook stalking?” If you say no then you might need to research the term self-awareness and see what comes up. Now ask yourself this question, or better yet take the next ten minutes to reflect on your posts, pictures, and comments throughout your social media. How would you perceive yourself? How will others perceive you? Or better yet what would your boss think if he saw your social media pages?
You may have not realized this, but the brand image you have created for yourself will impact your future.

Truth be told, our intentions may not be communicated the way we want them to with what we post on facebook, twitter, etc. The medium is the message and being intentional with your communication is crucial. Now is the time to start cleaning out your social media closet of what might hinder your future opportunities. You have the opportunity to be heard instantly through twitter, youtube, facebook, etc.Why not say something insightful, beautiful, or inspiring? If you want to have a more professional online appearance, join LinkedIn, Google+ and get creative !


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